We offer a complete design assistance to delivery solution; the design phase and introduction of new products are a critical part of our business relationships.

SUPPORTING OUR CLIENTS’ design requirements

Through the use of the latest CADCAM software and skilled, modern precision engineering design techniques, our specialist in-house design engineers can produce fully specified and engineered product design drawings ready for their precision metalwork manufacture and fabrication.


Our highly skilled and experienced engineers are available to consult with you on your designs before issuing for manufacture. Identifying potential problems before we start making your parts is crucial to keeping costs low and quality high.

Our engineers will:

  • Work directly with your design team
  • Offer improved design tweaks to simplify manufacture
  • Reduce your costs and improve the quality of your parts


Using high-end CAD/CAM software, we can modify your designs or create them for you. Before we even look at a piece of metal, we generate 3D component models of your parts to ensure the finished component is precisely to your requirements.

Our design team can:

  • Take your 3D design files and manipulate them directly
  • Create modifications to your designs
  • Generate 3D models for design checking and verification


From your 3D-generated designs, we can create all the assembly and part drawings we need to manufacture your parts. Forget printing everything out and sending to us, let us take the strain for you.

Our planning and development team will:

  • Take the final design and create working drawings for shop-floor use
  • Develop shop-floor routings for the most efficient manufacture
  • Incorporate inspection routines to ensure ISO9001 compliance

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Great design is only the start

Use our expertise to create the most effective and lowest cost designs for your parts. You can benefit from our many years of combined knowledge.

But having a fantastic design is only the start…

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