Our development team is here to ensure your designs work.

Building quality into every stage

They take your approved design through a series of processes to verify the final product. Nobody wants to make a batch of defective parts, and our development team is critical to our success.


Before we launch into making a large batch of parts, it’s vital to prove the design is correct. Our prototyping team will manufacture a single, finished part to verify our part-designs and assemblies fit together correctly.

Typical actions are:

  • Manufacture a one-off part or assembly
  • Amend the shop-floor instructions in line with any of their findings
  • Create jigs and fixtures for ease of manufacture and repeatability
Pegasus Precision optimising


Having established the prototype is correct to drawing, are optimisation engineers will analyse each stage of production. As all the parts we manufacture go through several operations, there is always scope to make improvements to the process.

Our optimisation experts:

  • Study the manufacturing times at each stage of production
  • Break down the machining operations to reduce cycle times
  • Analyse the manual operations (welding and finishing) to see if any small design tweaks can reduce operation times.


Once we have created, proved, and established the final component, our inspection team will authorise the final sign-off for production.

Specifically, they will:

  • Verify the part is correct to drawing and within stated tolerances
  • Approve the jigs and fixtures created for production
  • Assign inspection points throughout the manufacturing process

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Quality doesn’t happen by accident

Our development team are experts in the manufacture of complex metalwork. They know how the various materials behave in production and how to get the best from them.

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